Stations of the Cross

Bishop Walsh and diocesan staff members pray the Stations of the Cross by Bishop Baraga. 


so that you may reflect more deeply on Christ's suffering, and thus have great merit before God: visit the holy Stations of the Cross often, especially during Lent, and with great fervor pray and reflect upon what happened to Jesus at each station. In this way you will gain much for your soul, and also earn abundant indulgences, which will help you greatly at the divine judgment. Thank God that you have the opportunity to frequently visit the holy Stations of the Cross, and consider how in early times Christians walked to the Promised Land, repented of their sins, and earned indulgences with great difficulty and even dangers to their lives. Do this in order to truly recognize your sins, worthily grieve because of them, abandon them from now on, and in the future live only according to the example of your Savior.

~ The Venerable Bishop Baraga

Listen to the Stations and enjoy the images of the Stations of the Cross that were displayed in St. Joseph's on Sugar Island by Bishop Baraga.

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