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Registration/Cancellation Policy

The cut off date for registration for a class will be two weeks prior to its first session. At this time a decision will be made based upon confirmed registrations as to hold the class or cancel it.

All registrants who have not yet paid by the cut off date and then do not show up for the class if it is held will be billed for the class since their registration moneys were included in the decision to hold class.

All students will be refunded money if the Center cancels the class.

A registration can be cancelled, by the student, up to the cut off date without penalty.

Any books purchased cannot be returned for refund.

General Student Policy

All offerings of the Center for Catholic Studies are open to anyone.

If taking a class for one’s own enrichment, understanding, and faith formation, registration should be completed using the terms for “audit

If a student is enrolling in one of the diocesan programs for certification, i.e. Liturgy, Discipleship, Permanent Deacon, Catechist, etc., then he or she registers as one taking the class for “credit

All students taking classes for “credit” must declare a program goal by the third class they take.

Any student taking classes for “credit” must contact one of the program director/advisors for guidance by the third class they take. That person will advise the student as to what they may want to take, even if they do not know which program they are interested in yet.

Students taking classes for “credit” will be required to complete assignments and a comprehension paper or exam in each class they enroll.

Students who take classes for “audit” do not have to complete assignments or exams, but may have to either repeat the class or take the comprehension exam before changing from audit to credit. That person’s advisor will be able to assist with this process.

Current classes offerings

Class Fee Policy

For all regular classes that contain students taking them for credit in one of the programs:



The fee charged to students for class is $5 per classroom hour.

Examples: A class is offered over a three day period and each class is 5 hours long. The cost of the class would be $75 per student.

A class is offered in a one day period and it is seven hours long. The cost would be $35.

A class is offered over a two day period. The first class is scheduled to be 7 hours, the second is five hours. The cost would be $60.


The fee charged to a student for audit is $3 per classroom hour.

Examples above would be $45, $21, and $36.


The fee for workshops, retreats and other events will be set by each program director according to costs, length, etc.

Policy for Completed Assignments and Comprehension Exam or Paper

All students enrolled in a “program” and taking classes for “credit” must satisfactorily complete a comprehension exam or paper at the end of each class in order to get credit for the completed course.

The instructor for the class is responsible for composing the test or paper and handing it out at the last class in collaboration with the director who contracted the instructor. The person contracting the instructor or presenter will explain this to the instructor.

The papers or exams are to be reviewed by the instructor of the class, given a “Pass,” “Fail,” or “Incomplete” grade and returned to the Center for Catholic Studies no later than 30 days after completion of the class.

The grades are then posted on the student’s transcript and the papers returned to the students.

If a director of a program wishes to review the tests, he or she must get permission from the student for the papers to be forwarded to him or her before being sent back to the student. (See form for sharing of assignments and tests). It is the responsibility of that director to arrange for those tests to come to him or her after the grade is posted.


All textbooks required or recommended by an instructor for any class will be ordered and sold by the Pastoral Center Bookstore, located in the Rose Resource Center , according to their policies on pricing, including any available discounts.

All sales will be charged sales tax if they are not being bought by a tax exempt institution. The only sales that will not be taxed are those being sold to a parish, school, or a holder of a State Of Michigan Tax exempt license.

The Pastoral Center Bookstore will be staffed during each first meeting day of each class for the sale of books to those who have not purchased them prior to the start of the first class.

Under no circumstances are any books to be taken from the Bookstore unless they are purchased by the student. If reference books are needed they need to be listed under required texts from the beginning of the process.


  1. After the Program Director, who has contacted and arranged for an instructor, has received an Instructor/Presenter Agreement Form back, he or she will forward any book information to the Pastoral Center Bookstore.
  1. A Book Order Form can be found in the seasonal mailing that has gone out.

Book Order Forms will be returned to the Pastoral Center Bookstore and texts ordered will be mailed to the student or prepared for pickup.