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Fall Photo Credits

About the Photographer
Randy McCune, a resident of northern Michigan, is attuned to the natural world, both by inclination and education. With a background in field biology (B.A.) and outdoor education (M.A.) and 30 years as a photographer, his love of the outdoors has become a profession and a lifestyle. His photographs are impassioned by what he feels, a sense of intimacy with the scene, and a closeness with the small and subtle beauties in nature that we often rush by in our hurry to be somewhere else.
Photography for Randy requires meandering, scouting. . .finding the abandoned barn, the thick trillium grove, the derelict boat, and capturing the scene when the light and atmosphere are optimal. His work reveals a sensitivity, an eye for the delicate, like thin grasses against snow, as well as for the wide landscape--a flexible searching eye. His work has the power to startle us, awaken our perceptions, allow us to share in his awareness of natural beauty.
We at the Diocese of Gaylord wish to thank Randy for allowing us to use his photographs on the home page and other locations within our web site. We hope that you will see in these pictures what we see throughout the year in northern Michigan ~ a land that has been gloriously adorned by the hand of God.
Randy may be contacted at 7969 Pickerel Lake Road, Petoskey, MI 49770-9642.
The following is a gallery of the photographs used on the web site home page. These pictures were chosen because they "speak" of the beauty and natural wonder of fall in Northern Lower Michigan, home of the Diocese of Gaylord.

In and around Gaylord itself boasts the highest elevations in the lower peninsula. In the autumn, there are areas where a climb up a hill and a glance backward can reward the hiker with a vision such as this.

And what trip to the north woods would be complete without spotting these four-legged beasts? Here a family of elk rests in an open field.

Fall Meets Winter
It is not unusual to see the first hibernal signs in upper Michigan while the autumn leaves are still vibrant and supple. It is but a visual reminder that the long, cold winter is not far off.

The senses are awakened in a scene like this one. . .the sight, the sound, the smell, the feel of water rushing down the stream, through the colorful tree-lined banks.

Fall Colors
Tree color at its peak, blue skies and puffy white clouds. . .a photo like this demonstrates why autumn in northern Michigan is a true blessing.

Northern lower Michigan is home to a wide variety of water fowl. The distinctive call of the loon over the still waters of one of the many inland lakes is a familiar sound to residents and tourists alike.

Day Break
It's harvest time. The sun is rising on the horizon, painting a vermillion sky. What a way to begin an autumn day! Is it any wonder, we refer to northern Michigan as God's country?

Wild turkeys have made a comeback in the Midwest, even in areas where they were not previously seen. What a sight to see them strutting along the woods' edge or in an open field.