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Winter Photo Gallery

About the Photographer
Randy McCune, a resident of northern Michigan, is attuned to the natural world, both by inclination and education. With a background in field biology (B.A.) and outdoor education (M.A.) and 30 years as a photographer, his love of the outdoors has become a profession and a lifestyle. His photographs are impassioned by what he feels, a sense of intimacy with the scene, and a closeness with the small and subtle beauties in nature that we often rush by in our hurry to be somewhere else. Photography for Randy requires meandering, scouting. . .finding the abandoned barn, the thick trillium grove, the derelict boat, and capturing the scene when the light and atmosphere are optimal. His work reveals a sensitivity, an eye for the delicate, like thin grasses against snow, as well as for the wide landscape--a flexible searching eye. His work has the power to startle us, awaken our perceptions, allow us to share in his awareness of natural beauty. We at the Diocese of Gaylord wish to thank Randy for allowing us to use his photographs on the home page and other locations within our web site. We hope that you will see in these pictures what we see throughout the year in northern Michigan ~ a land that has been gloriously adorned by the hand of God. Randy may be contacted at 7969 Pickerel Lake Road, Petoskey, MI 49770-9642. Views of Winter
The following is a gallery of the photographs used on the web site home page, most of which were taken by Randy McCune. These pictures were chosen because they speak of the beauty and natural wonder of winter in Northern Lower Michigan, home of the Diocese of Gaylord.

winter cattails
Winter Cattails
Cattails are usually laid flat after the first snowfall, but here are a few that have survived. They are but a reminder of the life that lies beneath the blanket of white.
winter blanket
Winter Blanket
Winter throughout the area is a study in contrast. The dark silhouette of an old barn is often the only interruption seen on the incandescent horizon.
Pine Hill Farm
Pine Hill Farm
No longer are farm animals seen grazing in the rich green fields as winter storms cover the land. But, this sturdy Belgian doesn't seem to mind. Perhaps he's waiting to be hitched to a sleigh.
Cedar Creek
Cedar Creek
There are many scenes like this along the rivers and creeks that wind throughout northern Michigan. Snowmobilers and cross-country skiers are often treated to views such as these as they enjoy their seasonal sports.
After the Storm
After the Storm
Unlike the stark branches of the deciduous trees in the area, the verdant splendor of these magnificent evergreens shows through a cloak of snow.
snowy owl
Snowy Owl
Snowy owls migrate from the far north in search of food. Although a rare sight, they can be discovered on fence posts, power poles or peaks of barn roofs in areas away from bustling activity.
It is incredible how nature constructs such an elaborate lattice. Conditions need to be exact to create the beauty of hoarfrost clinging to the branches - when stars sparkle, when smoke from the chimney goes straight up, and when the snow crunches underfoot.
Although the wolverine is our state animal, there is no evidence that one has ever put a track down on Michigan soil. Perhaps it is its ferocious, nomadic nature that inspired its choice as a mascot.