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Statement from Bishop Steven J. Raica on Supreme Court Decision


While today’s decision by the Supreme Court redefines how our civil authorities view marriage, it does not change our understanding of the sacrament of marriage within the Catholic Church. Since the beginning of time, the natural law established by God has determined how each of us is created, requiring the unique relationship between one man and one woman.  We will continue to hold fast to our faith and teachings with regard to the vocation of marriage.  We pray that this decision, and any that may follow, will not compromise our own right to religious liberty and to practice our faith in accordance with our deeply held beliefs and teachings.

While we strongly disagree with the Court’s ruling today, it also does not change the primary tenet of our faith to honor and uphold the dignity of each human person. It is my hope and prayer that neither today’s decision nor our expressed disappointment becomes an opportunity for further division in our nation, but that we might continue to discuss these issues in an environment of love and mutual respect.

I ask all of the faithful in the Diocese of Gaylord to join me in prayer for our country as these coming days unfold and the implications of today’s decision become more fully understood. 


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