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In an effort to provide those who visit this site with up-to-date information regarding  events or stories of interest happening within the diocese, the Secretariat for Communications researches and prepares articles and news releases. 

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Spiritual Bouquets Spring Up


During Vocations Awareness Week (Jan 10 – 16), schools in the Diocese of Gaylord were invited to grow “Spiritual Bouquets” for their priests. In past years, the diocesan Vocations Committee has hosted a contest during the annual week highlighting vocations, but in this Year of the Priest, decided to encourage special expressions of appreciation for the priests serving in the diocese. “It’s an effort we really hope will not end with Vocations Week or only take place in the schools, but one that will continue to grow and expand. We hope parishioners and parish organizations will support and encourage their priests through their own prayers,” said Candace Neff, Director of Communications. “This is a ministry that we all can perform -- alone, within our families, in church or as part of another group.” A Spiritual Bouquet generally consists of prayers or devotional acts that the giver offers for the recipient. They might include prayers, devotions, sacrifices or performing good deeds. The recipient is often given a card or item noting what has, or will be done by the giver (which can be an individual or group). The concept of spiritual bouquets harkens back to the faith and example of St. Therese of Lisieux who is often affectionately referred to as the “Little Flower”. St. Therese, a Carmelite nun, wrote in her memoir Story of A Soul, “I may aspire to sanctity in spite of my littleness. For me to become great is impossible, I must bear with myself and my many imperfections; but I will seek out a means of getting to Heaven by a little way.” She added, “I will let no tiny sacrifice pass, no look, no word. I wish to profit by the smallest actions, and to do them for love. I wish to suffer for love’s sake, and for love’s sake even to rejoice: thus shall I strew flowers.” St. Therese taught about simple common things done with great devotion and service to God. There are many suggestions for creating spiritual bouquets on the Internet. Those interested in participating may also contact one of the Catholic Schools for suggestions or contact the Diocesan Vocations Committee or Rose Resource Center for assistance.

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