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In an effort to provide those who visit this site with up-to-date information regarding  events or stories of interest happening within the diocese, the Secretariat for Communications researches and prepares articles and news releases. 

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Invitation to "Travel with St. Paul"


Periodically, the church sets aside an entire year to focus on a particular aspect of faith. Last June, Pope Benedict XVI declared a Jubilee Year honoring St. Paul. In making the announcement, the Holy Father said, “Dear brothers and sisters, as in early times, today too Christ needs apostles ready to sacrifice themselves. He needs witnesses and martyrs like St Paul. Paul, a former violent persecutor of Christians, when he fell to the ground dazzled by the divine light on the road to Damascus, did not hesitate to change sides to the Crucified One and followed him without second thoughts. He lived and worked for Christ, for him he suffered and died. How timely his example is today! And for this very reason I am pleased to announce officially that we shall be dedicating a special Jubilee Year to the Apostle Paul from 28 June 2008 to 29 June 2009, on the occasion of the bi-millennium of his birth, which historians have placed between the years 7 and 10 A.D.” As part of the activities in observance of this Year of St. Paul, the Diocese of Gaylord is sponsoring presentations on the Travels of St. Paul at several locations in the diocese. Sr. Chris Herald, Pastoral Administrator at St. Anthony of Padua, Mackinaw City will continue sessions this week offering insights into “What does St. Paul have to say to us today?”; “Who is he?”; “What were his contributions to the spread of Christianity?”; and “To what lengths did he go to preach the Word of Christ?” The presentation also provides opportunity for group discussion. Upcoming presentations are being held:

  • St. Mary, Grayling on Mar. 7 from 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
  • St. Anne, Alpena on Mar. 19 from 1:00 - 4:00 PM
  • St. Joseph, Onekama on Mar. 26 from 1:00 - 4:00 PM.
These sessions are funded through gifts to the annual Catholic Services Appeal (CSA) so there is no cost to attend. However, pre-registration is necessary. Please call Tammy Boylan at the diocese at 989.732.5147 or send an e-mail to These presentations are a prelude to the Diocesan Conference on St. Paul which will be held on May 16 at the Pastoral Center in Gaylord. Speakers for the Conference will include actor Frank Runyeon, Sr. Chris Herald and Fr. Donald Libby.

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