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Matrimony Preparation

Congratulations on your upcoming marriage. This is a time of great joy! We know that you must be nervous so we would like to help you be very well prepared. We hope to be able to answer any questions as you begin your preparation.

As you know, marriage is a sacrament and is, therefore, a great concern of the Church. The Sacrament of Marriage provides the necessary grace to couples to make their marriage last a life time. You will find that your married life goes through many stages. We hope to prepare you for each of these stages.

In the Diocese of Gaylord the regulations stipulate that a couple is to arrange an appointment with their pastor/parish life coordinator at least six months in advance. The pastor/parish life coordinator will have brochures for registration to the diocesan Pre-Marriage Sessions. At this meeting, the pastor will consult forms provided by the diocesan tribunal which indicate whether or not dispensations are required. If dispensations are needed, more time may be required. Marriage preparation should begin as soon as the couple have met with the pastor/parish life coordinator.

In total, the Diocese of Gaylord requires couples to fulfill a total of six modules, covering a variety of areas:

  1. Initial Meeting with your Priest (please schedule ASAP)
  2. Theology Series
  3. Communication and Conflict Resolution
  4. Finances and Divine Providence
  5. Chastity within Marriage
  6. Ceremony Meeting with your Priest

Matrimony Preparation Sessions

The Diocese of Gaylord is pleased to introduce the new format for Marriage Preparation and Enrichment. These first sessions offered in the new format give couples the option to take Module 2 (Theology) OR Module 3 (Communication) & Module 5 (Chastity) combined. Both sessions will be available on the dates listed below, though couples may only take one session per day. Cost for Module 2 is $100 per couple, and the cost for Modules 3 & 5 are $50 per couple.


Saturday, October 20, 2018         10:00 am to 4:00 pm--CANCELLED

Saturday, November 17,  2018    10:00 am to 4:00 pm--CANCELLED

Saturday, August 11th (9 am)
Thru Sunday, August 12th (4:00 pm)

Module 4: Finances and Divine Providence

For more information on Module 4: Finances and Divine Providence, contact your parish or Seth Peters at 989.732.5147 or via email at

Were you in a previous marriage?

If either one of you has been in a previous marriage, please consult the Tribunal Offices.