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Middle School and High School Religion Teacher

Category: Catholic School Opening

Manistee Catholic Central School

Status: Full Time

Education Requirement: Bachelors Degree

License/Certifications: Valid MI Teaching Certificate/Enrolled in a program to earn Certification


Manistee Catholic Central School is seeking a faithful, energetic and dynamic middle school and high school Religion Teacher. Applicants must have a minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Religious Studies of Theology, a valid State of Michigan Teaching Certificate and teaching experience.  Candidates must be practicing Catholic and in good standing with the church.  

Persons interested in this position should complete the questions below and complete the application and background check form.  

Mission. (1) Reflect upon the school’s mission: Christ-centered excellence in education. (2) How can you help MCC to grow its Mission?

Essential Traits for Growth of Culture. All MCC Employees must exhibit and grow three habits (1) commitment to the mission, (2) coachability, and (3) awareness. Please share evidence of these three traits in your recent past. Explain why each is important and reflect on how a person may grow in these areas.

Integration of Faith and Virtue. The school uses two school-wide virtue programs: Disciples in Christ: Education in Virtue and Sports Leader. Please review the websites and comment on one or two items from each that you have—or would like to—integrate into your teaching.Disciples of Christ: Education in Virtue: Leader:

Culture of Coaching. Please read and reflect on these 10 coaching principles (standards) that are foundational to our approach: of these steps will come most naturally to you? Which will not, and how can you grow these habits?

Vision, Philosophy, and Purpose. Read and reflect on Pope Benedict’s and Archbishop Cordileone’s words to Catholic Educators: Pope Benedict to Catholic Educators: Cordileone’s words to Catholic Educators:

Work Culture. The assumption of work at MCC is that employees help the people (students, families, staff, volunteers) at MCC become a better version of themselves, and that MCC helps you to become a better version of yourself. We seek to grow a dynamic culture rooted in our mission. Please comment on this.