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Varsity Basketball Head Coach

Category: Parish/School Opening

Manistee Catholic Central School

Status: School Year



Please answer the following questions (your answers may be as brief or long as you want—but be fully answer each question):

1. Mission. How can Athletics help MCC to grow its Mission (Christ-centered excellence in education)? Where does MCC need to grow in this regard? How could you help grow the mission and culture at MCC?
2. Essential Traits for Growth of Culture. All MCC Employees must exhibit and grow three habits (1) commitment to the mission, (2) coachability, and (3) awareness. Please share evidence of these three traits in the recent past. Explain why each is important and reflect on how a person may grow in these areas.
3. Integration of Faith and Virtue. Watch the four videos on SportsLeader--what are at least two things from these that you have (or would like to) integrate into your coaching? Why? Here is the link:
4. Culture of Coaching. Please read and reflect on these 10 coaching principles (standards) that are foundational to our approach: Which of these steps will come most naturally to you? Which will not, and how can you grow these habits?
5. Vision and Purpose. Read and reflect on the University of Mary's approach to athletics. What things surprise and delight you that you would like to grow at MCC?


6. Work Culture. The assumption of work at MCC is that employees help the people (students, families, staff, volunteers) at MCC become a better version of themselves, and that MCC helps you to become a better version of yourself. Please comment on this.