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Discipleship Coordinator

Category: Parish Position

All Saints Parish - Alpena

Status: Full Time

Education Requirement: Bachelor Degree


All Saints Parish in Alpena, MI is looking for a Discipleship Coordinator.  This person will work with the Pastor to create, oversee and direct a cohesive Discipleship Formation Program at All Saints Parish for all ages, but focusing specifically on young adults (ages 16-40).  Responsibilities includes the overall development and direction of a cohesive and thematic parish discipleship program, including planning, implementing and evaluating; cultivating relationships with local home school groups, public schools, and our Catholic school, also colleges; to prepare and account for responsible use of the program budget; work with clergy and lay faithful to evangelize; develop ways parishioners can foster discipleship in all aspects of life; to recruit and train ministry volunteers and to ensure that everyone has the appropriate credentials, including background checks; to provide formational opportunities for all ages and stages of faith development; to cultivate long term connections amongst parishioners of diverse ages; to create a “safe space” where questions about our Faith can be asked without fear of repercussions; to provide assistance in general parish and school planning to include a focus on discipleship and evangelization; to attend meetings, i.e., Pastoral Council, School Council, vicariate field rep, when needed; and to perform other duties as assigned.


The successful candidate must be a practicing Catholic in good standing.  Must have good communication and interpersonal skills.  Must be able to relate to both youth and adults.  Must be able to maintain confidentiality.  Ideally, this person would have at minimum a Bachelor’s Degree in a related field or ability and desire to achieve one.  Those interested in this position should complete the Application and Background Check forms found below, as well as by submitting a resume.  We will be accepting Applications until January 15, 2019.