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History of our "Hermanamiento"

In late 2002, a group of interested individuals from the Diocese of Gaylord began to explore the opportunity to establish a relationship with a sister diocese in another country. Catholic Relief Services was eager to help and had been facilitating such partnerships through their global programs. While our local group was meeting and learning about what would be involved, so were groups of our brothers and sisters in various places of the world.

After much prayer and discernment, a match was made with the Diocese of Matagalpa, Nicaragua. A delegation from the Diocese of Gaylord was very warmly welcomed by the Matagalpa delegation in October of 2004. It was the first of several visits back and forth between the two dioceses -- including the installation of a new bishop for the Diocese of Matagalpa Bishop Jorge Solorzano Perez.

Our "hermanamiento" (sister relationship) is intended to truly a reciprocal relationship and we have much to learn from one another. As time goes on we will have many more opportunities for information sharing, education, project support, exchange visits, faith sharing and advocacy.