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Trainings for adults


Virtus is an abuse awareness and boundary training program for adults who will either be employed or volunteering in our schools or parishes and be around children on a regular basis. Virtus is a national program, widely in use in dioceses throughout the United States. It is a web-based on-line training program that specializes in helping churches and religious organizations create safe environments for children and youth. Live Virtus training sessions are also periodically held within the Diocese.

To take Virtus training, click here or contact Rob Westerman in the Human Resources office for further information at 989.732.5147.


Local Training Sessions:

The Diocese of Gaylord also holds various training sessions for employees and volunteers which include discussions of diocesan child protection policies, Michigan Child Protection Law, mandatory reporting, Offender Registry issues, background checks and identifying signs and symptoms of abuse and what to do if one suspects child abuse or neglect is occurring.

The diocese continues to be blessed with local agencies and law enforcement who partner with us to develop and provide these training experiences.

If you would like to have a training session offered in your area, please contact Rob Westerman in the Human Resources office at 989.732.5147.