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Duty to God

The Diocese of Gaylord also offers an opportunity to earn emblems or patches from the P.R.A.Y. Program. Every Scout professes a Duty to God in the Cub Scout Promise, Boy Scout Oath,Girl Scout Promise, and Venturing Oath. Religious emblems can provide a spiritual component to your local Scouting program. Contact the Diocese of Gaylord to begin a program.

Duty to God Promotion Patch


The purpose of this patch is to encourage youth and adults to learn about and promote the religious emblems programs.  These patches can be earned by youth or adults.

The requirements are:

  • Attend or make a presentation on religious emblems.
  • Make a commitment to Duty to God. (Making a commitment to Duty to God can mean talking to your clergy about earning your religious emblem, presenting information to your congregation, helping younger Scouts learn about religious emblems, etc. This means that you do not have to wait until you have earned your religious emblem in order to receive this patch.)