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Documents of Catholic Social Teaching

Catholic social teaching can be described as a framework or vision by which to evaluate human relationships.  The following documents detail this framework or vision of the Church.

Encyclical: Caritas in Veritate - 7/09

Below is a link to the USCCB's webpage concerning Pope Benedit's recent Encyclical on Social Justice, "Caritas in Veritate", or "Charity in Truth."  The link also contains further resourced on the document that may prove helpful.

You may print out a copy of the document online;  it is also available at the Rose Resource Center for purchase. 

I will be arranging presentations/discussions on the Encyclical in the near future, so there eventually should be one "near YOU!"  If your parish is particularly interested in such a presentation or has questions about the document, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.  My cell phone is 231.409.1387 and my email is

Reverend Wayne Dziekan
Director of the Secretariat for Justice & Peace

Safeguarding the Heart of Marriage

Attached is an article on pornography and how it is a violation of one of the principle Themes of Catholic Social Teaching -- the Respect and Dignity of the Human Person.

Catholic Social Teaching and Food