Youth Ministry
      Youth Ministry -- "ministry to, for, with, and by youth" is done both on the parish and diocesan level. The Secretariat for Faith Formation of Children and Youth serves the parishes of the Diocese of Gaylord by providing the formation and on-going education of parish coordinators so that our Catholic Youth may grow in faith, commitment and service.

Through the Christian Leadership Institute (CLI), Catholic teenagers learn leadership skills, build community and deepen their Catholic Faith. Senior High and Junior High Youth Rallies are also held annually and provide a corporate faith witness.

Beginning in fall 2003, TEC (Teens Encounter Christ) retreat weekends will be offered in the Diocese of Gaylord for older teens and young adults.

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  Christian Leadership Institute The Christian Leadership Institute (CLI) is a one-week camp for Catholic high school age teens to experience church, community, leadership and fellowship.

  National Catholic Youth Conference
A national gathering for Catholic youth is held every other year in the United States. For information on the next National Catholic Youth Conference, please contact your local youth minister or the Diocesan Pastoral Center.

Peace and Justice Conference for Youth
The Peace and Justice Conference for Youth trains teens in addressing social justice concerns and equipping them with the necessary skills in working for peace and justice. The conference challenges youth to live justice-centered lifestyles. The youth will learn how to work for "grassroot" change and peaceful solutions by learning to critically analyze social issues.

Rally -- Junior and Senior High The Diocese sponsors yearly gatherings of Catholic youth from throughout the Diocese. The Senior High Rally is held in November. Junior High rallies are held in the spring.

Rally -- Statewide
In April, 2000, the first statewide rally for high school students was held in Lansing. Plans are underway to have the event take place every other year. Contact your local youth minister or the Diocesan Pastoral Center for current information.

Retreats -- Regional & Vicariate
Retreats for youth are sponsored occasionally within a vicariate or region. These experiences offer opportunities for youth to share in community building and to grow in their personal relationship with Christ.

TEC (Teens Encounter Christ)
TEC is a youth retreat experience based on the Paschal Mystery of Christ. The first TEC weekend was held in October 1965 in the Lansing Diocese. The TEC conference now maintain its main office Des Moines, Iowa.
World Youth Day World Youth Day is an incredible week-long opportunity for pilgrims 16-35 from all over the globe to come together to share their faith and experience with the world. World Youth Days began in 1984 with Pope John II inviting all young people to Rome for prayer and celebration. Since then, such international gatherings have been held in Buenos Aires, Argentina ('87); Santiago de Compostela, Spain ('89); Czestochowa, Poland ('91); Denver, Colorado ('93); Manila, Philippines ('95); Paris, France ('97); Rome, Italy ('00); and Toronto, Canada ('02). . And it's not just a day... it's a whole experience of the Catholic faith like you have never had before. The week includes prayer, song, concerts, drama, community, and much more! The next World Youth Day is scheduled to take place in Cologne, Germany, August 8 through 22, 2005.

Young Neighbors in Action
Young Neighbors features a solid, Catholic approach to service and justice that balances Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching, works of mercy and acts of justice.



National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry
The National Federation for Catholic Youth Ministry, participate in the mission of the Catholic Church by proclaiming the Good News of Jesus Christ with young people. As a professional organization of affiliated dioceses and youth-serving organizations, we serve adult diocesan leaders who foster ministry to with, by and for youth within their dioceses.
Center for Ministry Development
Founded in 1978, the Center for Ministry Development is an independent, non-profit organization, providing ministry education, consultation resourcing, and program development services in the areas of Catholic youth ministry, family ministry, young adult ministry and religious education.


The purpose of the Boy Scouts of America, incorporated on February 8, 1910 and chartered by Congress in 1916, is to provide an educational program for boys and young adults to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness.

Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. began in Savannah, Georgia, in 1912 with a troop of only 18 girls. Today, Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. is the world's largest organization for girls, serving over 2.7 million girls throughout the globe. More than 40 million American women have been members since its founding.


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