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Diocese of Gaylord Employee Policy Manual

The following instructions are for using the Policy Manual for all Parishes and Schools.

  • All Parishes and Schools must have an Employee Policy Manual for each employee.
  • All employees must return the signature page, (the last page in the book), upon receipt of the manual.  This page should be kept in the employee's file.
  • The pastor and principal letter (page 2 and 3) are just drafts if you would like to use them.  Or you may insert your own letter. Please be sure to include Bishop Raica's letter in all your manuals.
  • Before you print the manual, insert your parish/school name in the highlighted fields throughout the manual, beginning with the front cover.  You may use your own logo on the front page.  Once the changes are made, if you print on both sides of the page, you will have about 12 pages.
  • There are minimum benefits that should be offered to all your employees as outlined in the manual such as health insurance, vacation sick time, etc.  This will provide a minuimum benefit level for all employees in the Diocese.
  • If you have any benefits that are more than the minimum outlined in the manual, make sure that you change your manual to reflect that.  Check all benefits and make sure that you do offer all that are listed.
  • This policy manual is a word document.  It is important that you do not change any of the policies except those that are bolded.  For example, if you do not offer short- term  disability, you may delete that section of the manual.  You may not change, however, the policy on hiring or on job descriptions.
  • If you have any questions concerning these policies or the manual, please call the Human Resources Department at 989-732-5147.