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Diocesan Archives Rules of Access

For sacramental records over 100 years old, researchers should contact the diocesan archivist or liaison where microfilm of all sacramental records up to that date are on deposit at the Archives. Researchers are allowed to view the microfilm records on deposit at the Archives; advance arrangements are required and can be made by contacting the diocesan archivist or liaison. Researchers will not have access to the original registers at the local parish in order to preserve the registers from wear and tear and insure that researchers receive proper supervision and equal treatment subject to the rules of access.

For sacramental records under 100 years old, access is limited. These records are not open to first-hand examination except by authorized archival personnel.

Any other person, researcher or agency who has a legitimate reason to request sacramental records may be allowed to acquire same only with the approval of the diocesan archivist or liaison. A request to the Archives must be made in writing utilizing the Research Request Form.

Sacramental records may be used for statistical, quantitative research in certain instances. Requests made by government or corporate agencies (e.g., Social Security Administration, insurance companies, etc.) should be accompanied by a document signed by the person whose record it is (or by a legally qualified guardian) authorizing the release of the information. Contact the diocesan archivist or liaison for further information.