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Current Class Offerings

The Center for Catholic Studies is pleased to announce the listing of the following classes for Winter/Spring 2017.


DATE:                   January 14, 2017
TIME:                    9:00 am to 2:30 pm
COST:                   $ 25/Credit or $ 15/Audit
INSTRUCTOR:     Mr. Wayne Winter
LOCATION:          Cooney Conference Center-Gaylord

REQUIRED READING: The Glory of the Crusades by Steve Weidenkopf


DATE:                    February 4, 2017
TIME:                     9:00 am to 2:30 pm
COST:                    $ 25/Credit or $ 15/Audit
INSTRUCTOR:      Mrs. Beth Hicks
LOCATION:         Cooney Conference Center-Gaylord



DATE:                    March 4, 2017
TIME:                     9:00 am to 2:30 pm
COST:                    $ 25/Credit or $ 15/Audit
INSTRUCTOR:      Sr. Barbara Matievich
LOCATION:           Cooney Conference Center-Gaylord

REQUIRED READING:  New American Bible-Old Testament


DATE:                  March 25, 2017
TIME:                   9:00 am to 2:30 pm
COST:                  $ 25/Credit or $ 15/Audit
INSTRUCTOR:    Jackie Welles and Pattie Rioux
LOCATION:         Cooney Conference Center-Gaylord


CREATION IS TELLING THE GLORY OF GOD-Spirituality Spring Retreat (S-100)

DATE:                  Friday, April 21st to Sunday April 23rd
TIME:                   (Fri) 7:00 pm to (Sun) 11:00 am
COST:                  $ 130 per person (includes room and meals)
FACILITATOR:     Br. Michael Whitman
LOCATION:        Augustine Center Retreat House-Conway

REQUIRED MATERIALS: Bring a lawn chair and clothing for possible weather changes.






The Crusades (T-340)

Perhaps one of the most animated and requested topics in the history of the Catholic Church. This course brings the Crusades to life.  Not only will the 'numbered' crusades be covered, but also those left on the fringes of history which left deep and lasting impacts on Western Civilization as we know it.

Ritual & Symbol (L-1400)

The language of the Liturgy is a language of poetry. Instead of using a didactic language in the Church's Liturgy, we us symbols and rituals to articulate the purpose and meaning of each of the rites.

Therefore, symbols and rituals are the Language of the Liturgical and Sacramental Rites. Poetic language is more the language of the heart than the mind, and therefore needs attention and time for reflection.

In this course students will learn the significance for the symbols and how they relate to Sacramental and Liturgical Rites in the Church; as well as the history behind their meaning.

Pentateuch & Historical Writings (SC-210)

A methodological introduction to Hebrew Scripture study and a survey of the Priestly History (Genesis to Numbers) and the Deuteronomy History (Deuteronomy to Kings).

Evangelization (D-600)

The Roman Catholic Church speaks of "Evangelization" and not of Evangelism"; there is a large difference between the two.

Evangelization means to bring the Good News of Jesus into every human situation by using both word and example. It also refers to seeking and to converting individuals and society by the divine power of the Gospel itself.

This course will explore the true meaning of Evangelization and how to realize and share the Gospel with others each and every day.

Creation is Telling the Glory of God

Spring Spirituality Retreat

Pope Francis recently wrote the encyclical (Laudato Si) that strongly called us to re-examine our understanding of our place in the universe; as well as how we can be good stewards of all God's creation. Through prayer and communal sharing as well as encounters in the natural settings of the Augustine Center Retreat House (Conway) we will enter into the First Scriptures-Nature in a more awakened way.

Please bring a lawn chair and dress for weather changes-we will be outside.

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