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Clergy & Religious


The following is a list of clergy serving the Diocese of Gaylord noting their current assignment.

In some cases, one pastor or pastoral administrator serves several parishes. Due to space limitations, only the parish where the pastor or pastoral administrator resides is shown below.




Rev. James Bearss  Pastor  Holy Childhood of Jesus/Holy Cross/St. Nicholas/St. Ignatius  Harbor Springs/Cross Village/Larks Lake/Good Hart  06/14/1997 
Rev. Stanislaw Bereda  Senior Priest      05/27/1965 
Rev. Tyler Bischoff  Administrator  St Catherine, St Gabriel, St Anne, St Raphael  Ossineke, Black River, Harrisville, Mikado  06/27/2015 
Rev. Joseph Blasko  Senior Priest      07/17/1999 
Rev. Lawrence Boks  Senior Priest/Sacramental Minister  St. Pius X, St. James, St. Stephen  Hale, Whittemore, Skidway Lake  06/04/1966 
Rev. Msgr. James Brucksch  Senior Priest      06/07/1969 
Rev. Anthony Citro  Pastor  Immaculate Conception  Traverse City  06/11/1994 
Rev. Michael Class, SJ  Sacramental Minister/Chaplain  St. Wenceslaus/GTACS  Gills Pier  06/09/1990 
Rev. Chet Collins  Pastor  St. Luke the Evangelist/St. Anthony of Padua  Bellaire/Mancelona  01/12/2013 
Rev. Michael Conner  Pastor  St. Augustine/Jesus the Good Shepherd/St. Rose of Lima  Hillman/Atlanta/Herron  11/29/1985 
Rev. Nicholas Cooper  Parochial Vicar  St. Mary Cathedral/Holy Redeemer/St. Thomas Aquinas  Gaylord/Vanderbilt/Elmira  05/13/2017 
Rev. Raymond Cotter  Senior Priest      11/28/1986 
Rev. Matthew Cowan  Released for priestly ministry in the Diocese of Salina (Kansas)      06/28/2014 
Rev. Anthony Cureton  Parochial Vicar  St. Philip Neri/St. Rita-St. Joseph  Empire/Maple City  12/18/2004 
Rev. Robbie Deka  Special Assignment  USAF Chaplain    06/08/2007 
Rev. James M. Doherty  Senior Priest      05/27/1972 
Rev. Charles Donajkowski  Pastor  Sacred Heart/Holy Family  Oscoda/East Tawas  06/28/1991 
Rev. Artur Duchnowicz  Pastor  St. Casimir/St. Dominic  Posen/Metz  06/09/2001 
Rev. Wayne Dziekan  Hispanic Ministry-Advocacy/Sacramental Minister  Diocese of Gaylord/St. Helen  Gaylord/St. Helen  06/11/1994 
Rev. Peter Eke  Pastor/Judge  Our Lady of the Lake/St. Hubert/St. James/Diocese  Prudenville/Houghton Lake/Higgins Lake  07/19/1997 
Rev. Emmanuel Finbarr  Administrator  St. Joseph/ Holy Family   West Branch, Klacking Creek   08/17/2001 
Rev. Matthew Furgiuele  Judge-Assistant Chancellor/Administrator  Diocesan Tribunal/St. Joseph Parish  Gaylord/East Jordan  06/29/2013 
Rev. James Gardiner  Senior Priest      06/07/1969 
Rev. Donald Geyman  Pastor/Vicar for Clergy  St. Francis of Assisi/Diocese  Traverse City  06/08/1996 
Rev. Joseph Graff  Senior Priest      05/15/1976 
Rev. John Greene  Replacement Ministry      11/29/1985 
Rev. Zeljko Guberovic  Pastor/Administrator/Hispanic Ministry  Divine Mercy/St. Philip Neri/St. Rita-St. Joseph  Manistee/Empire/Maple City  05/27/2006 
Rev. Michael Haney, OFM  Pastor  Cross in the Woods  Indian River  06/15/1974 
Rev. James Hayden  Vicar for Retired Priests/Vicar General/ Moderator of the Curia  Diocese of Gaylord  Traverse City  06/28/1991 
Rev. Santiago Hoyumpa  Pastor  St. Mary  Mio  01/10/2009 
Rev. Gerard Hunko  Pastor  St. Mary/St. Michael  Grayling/Roscommon  06/28/1991 
Rev. Michael Janowski  Pastor  St. Ann/St. Stephen/St. Theresa/St. Edward  Cadillac/Lake City/Manton/Harrietta  06/14/2003 
Rev. Christopher Jarvis  Administrator; Assistant Director of Vocations  Christ the King; Diocese of Gaylord  Acme   06/18/2016 
Rev. Alex Kowalkowski  Parochial Vicar  St. Ann, St. Stephen, St. Theresa, St. Edward  Cadillac, Lake City, Manton, Harrietta  06/20/2020 
Rev. Richard Kropf  Senior Priest      06/07/1958 
Rev. John Ladd  Senior Priest      06/24/1979 
Rev. Scott Lawler  Parochial Vicar  All Saints  Alpena  01/09/2016 
Rev. Donald Libby  Pastor  Holy Rosary  Cedar  07/16/2005 
Rev. William Lipscomb  Senior Priest    Traverse City  06/14/1997 
Rev. T. Patrick Maher  Pastor  St. Paul/St. Monica  Onaway/Afton  06/08/2002 
Rev. Benjamin Martin  Parochial Vicar  Immaculate Conception  Traverse City  02/20/2020 
Rev. Pablo Martinez  Parochial Vicar/Assistant Director of Hispanic Ministry  Divine Mercy  Manistee  05/23/2009 
Rev. Greg McCallum  Pastor  St. Francis Xavier  Petoskey  06/14/1997 
Rev. John McCracken  Senior Priest      05/26/1979 
Rev. Bryan Medlin  Pastor  St. Mary  Lake Leelanau  06/29/2013 
Rev. Paul Megge  Senior Priest/Sacramental Minister  St. Anthony of Padua  Mackinaw City  12/19/1998 
Rev. Eyob Merin  Administrator  St. Mary (Hannah)  Kingsley  04/22/2001 
Rev. Ruben Munoz  Pastor  St. Joseph/St. Raphael  Onekama/Copemish  12/17/2005 
Rev. Joseph Muszkiewicz  Pastor  All Saints  Alpena  01/06/2008 
Rev. Robert W. Nalley  Senior Priest      08/03/1975 
Rev. Bradley Nursey  Parochial Vicar  Holy Rosary  Cedar  05/13/2017 
Rev. Gerald Okoli  Pastor  St. Patrick  Traverse City  06/12/2010 
Rev. Vernon Olmer, OFM  Parochial Vicar  Cross in the Woods  Indian River  06/13/1962 
Rev. Leonard Paul  Administrator  St. Michael/St. Gertrude  Suttons Bay/Northport  07/05/1964 
Rev. Alfred Pillarelli  Pastor  St. Francis of Assisi  Lewiston  06/18/2016 
Rev. Msgr. John Porter  Administrator  St. Ann  Frankfort  12/15/1957 
Rev. Benjamin Rexroat  Administrator  St. Joseph  Traverse City  06/18/2016 
Rev. Mitchel Roman  Parochial Vicar  St. Francis  Traverse City  06/29/2019 
Rev. Lawrence Sergott  On Leave      06/09/2001 
Rev. James Siler  Administrator  Holy Cross  Beaver Island  09/14/2017 
Rev. Rolando Silva  Pastor  St. Ignatius Loyola  Rogers City  06/10/2006 
Rev. Kenneth Stachnik  Pastor  St. Philip Neri ; St. Rita-St. Joseph  Empire; Maple City  11/28/1986 
Rev. Dennis Stilwell  Senior Priest/Sacramental Minister  St. Matthew/St. Augustine/St. John Nepomucene  Boyne City/Boyne Falls/ Praga  12/19/1971 
Rev. Bernard Tyler  Administrator  St. Hubert/St. James  Higgins Lake/Houghton Lake  06/07/1961 
Rev. Duane Wachowiak  Pastor  St. Mary-St. Charles/St. Clement/Sacred Heart/St. Mary  Cheboygan/Pellston/Riggsville/Burt Lake  06/13/1998 
Rev. Matthew Wigton  Rector/Pastor  St. Mary Cathedral/Holy Redeemer/ St. Thomas Aquinas/Diocese  Gaylord/Vanderbilt/Elmira  05/13/2001 
Rev. Peter Wigton  Pastor  St. Mary/ St. Joseph  Charlevoix./East Jordan  06/09/2012 
Rev. John William  Parochial Vicar/Defender of the Bond  St. Mary Cathedral/Holy Redeemer/St. Thomas Aquinas/Diocese  Gaylord/Vanderbilt/Elmira  07/19/1992 
Rev. Innocent Zambua  Parochial Vicar  Holy Family; Sacred Heart  East Tawas; Oscoda  07/11/2008 
Rev. Robert Zuchowski  Pastor  Sacred Heart  Elk Rapids  05/10/1972 


Deacon Thomas Bousamra    Jail ministry  West Region Vicariate  06/13/1981 
Deacon Kevin Endres    Christ the King/Grand Traverse Area Catholic Schools  Acme/Traverse City  11/07/2015 
Deacon John Falicki        06/21/2008 
Deacon Paul Fifer    St. Francis Xavier  Petoskey  09/09/2006 
Deacon Harry Friend        06/09/1984 
Deacon Frederick Hackl    Holy Childhood of Jesus  Harbor Springs  10/17/2020 
Deacon Brent Hemker  Pastoral Administrator  St. Pius X/St. Stephen, King of Hungary/St. James  Hale/Skidway Lake/Whittemore  11/07/2015 
Deacon Rene Hoenscheid  Minister to the Sick  St. Patrick  Traverse City  06/26/2004 
Deacon Frank Kopasz    St. Ann/St. Stephen/St. Theresa/St. Edward  Cadillac/Lake City/Manton/Harrietta  11/07/2015 
Deacon Martin Korson  Pastoral Administrator  St. Wenceslaus  Gills Pier  11/07/2015 
Deacon James L. Krupka    St. Francis of Assisi  Traverse City  05/01/1999 
Deacon Scott Landane    St. Ignatius of Loyola  Rogers City  11/07/2015 
Deacon Michael Lingaur    St. Joseph  Mapleton  06/20/2020 
Deacon Arthur LoVetere    Jesus the Good Shepherd  Atlanta  06/08/1991 
Deacon Donald Michael    St. Joseph/Holy Family  West Branch  05/16/2009 
Deacon Glen Painter    Holy Family  Klacking Creek  06/21/2008 
Deacon Robert Richardson    Immaculate Conception Parish  Traverse City  10/17/2020 
Deacon Charles Riley        09/09/2006 
Deacon Ronald Rowe    St. Anthony of Padua  Mancelona  05/20/2000 
Deacon Michael Roy    All Saints Parish  Alpena  10/17/2020 
Deacon Timothy Webb    St. Mary Parish  Hannah  10/17/2020 
Deacon Max Wendell    St. Philip Neri  Empire  12/05/1987 
Deacon Douglas Wigton    Holy Rosary  Cedar  06/21/2008 
Deacon Jude Younker    Immaculate Conception  Traverse City  11/07/2015 

Religious Sisters & Brothers

In the Catholic Church, the ministry of religious sisters and brothers is well documented. These dedicated individuals have offered their lives in service to God's people. They can be found in schools, parishes, hospitals, diocesan offices, social service agencies, retreat centers -- anywhere they may reach out to those in need. In our diocese, we also have two monasteries whose sisters have been called to a ministry of prayer. Below is a listing of those currently serving in the Diocese of Gaylord.
Sr. Perpetua Marie Aune, O.C.D.    Carmelite Monastery  Traverse City   
Sr. Carol Bearss, S.F.C.C.      Boyne City   
Sr. Pia Trinita Blackburn, O.C.D.    Carmelite Monastery  Traverse City   
Isabella Grace Bologna    Carmelite Monastery  Traverse City   
Sr. Susan Gardner, O.P.  Pastoral Administrator & Director of the Diocesan Native American Apostolate  St. Kateri Tekakwitha  Peshawbestown   
Sr. Chris Herald, O.P.  Pastoral Administrator  St. Anthony of Padua  Mackinaw City   
Mother Mary Markey, OCD, Prioress    Carmelite Monastery  Traverse City   
Sr. Barbara Matievich, O.P.  Pastoral Administrator  St. Helen  St. Helen   
Sr. Mary Michelz, RSM    St. Dominic  Metz   
Sr. Kathy Payne, O.S.M.  DRE  St. Francis Xavier  Petoskey   
Sr. Carmel Regina Piotrowski, O.C.D.    Carmelite Monastery  Traverse City   
Sr. Ann Porter, OP  Adult Education, Dominican Associates, Jail Ministry  St. Ann  Frankfort   
Sr. Andrea Sieloff, RSM    St. Dominic  Metz   
Sr. Mary Rosalie Smith, O.S.S.    Sacramentine Monastery  Conway   
Sr. Frances Stefanski, S.J.      Manistee   
Sr. Augusta Stratz, R.S.M.  Consultant, Parish Outreach  Great Lakes Community Mental Health  Kalkaska   
Sr. Jean Marie Umlor, R.S.M.  Coordinator, Holistic Clinical Practice  Mercy Health Services  Grayling   
Sr. Dianne Ureel, O.S.F.  Nurse Supervisor    Suttons Bay   
Sr. Bonnie Woods, R.S.M.    Trinity Health  Grayling