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Catalog of Classes


S-100    General Spirituality Weekend Retreat and Sessions
S-300    Spring Enrichment Day (Various Topics)
S-400    Spirituality for the Deacon Program


D-100    Introduction to Christian Discipleship
D-310    Christian Discipleship Retreat I
D-320    Christian Discipleship Retreat II
D-600    Evangelization


T-100    Introduction to Theological Thinking
T-200    Ecclesiology-What is Church?
T-300    Introduction to History of the Church
T-310    The Early Church:Pentecost to Middle Ages
T-320    The Medieval Church: Middle Ages to Trent
T-330    The Modern and Contempory Church: Trent to Present
T-400    Christology
T-500    Ecumensim
T-600    History of Eucharist and Liturgy, an Introduction
T-700    Mary, the Saints, and Devotions
T-800    Introduction to Baptism and Confirmation
T-900    Introduction to Eucharist
T-1000  The Sacraments of Healing & Witness


DP-100   Deacon Practicum
DP-110   Pastoral Care Practicum
DP-200   Spirituality for Deacons
DP-300   The Sacrament of Reconciliation
DP-400   Evangelization
DP-500   Canon Law for Deacons
DP-600   Preaching Basics
DP-610   Preaching Theory and Practicum
DP-1000 Deacon Program Conprehensive Exam


SC-100   Introduction to Scripture
SC-200   The Old Testament (Hebrew Scriptures)
SC-210   Pentateuch & Historical Writings
SC-220   Wisdom & Prophetic Literature
SC-300   The New Testament (Christian Scriptures)
SC-310   The Synoptic Gospels
SC-320   The Writings of John (Johaninne)
SC-330   The Writings of Paul (Pauline)
SC-340   The Gospel of Mark
SC-1000 Scripture Comprehensive Exam


M-100   Contempory Moral Issues
M-200   Introduction to Catholic Social Teaching
M-210   Dignity, Rights and Responsibility of Human Person
M-220   Call to Family, Community and Participation
M-240   Option for/with the Poor and Vulnarable
M-250   Dignity of Work and Rights of Workers
M-260   Solidarity
M-270   Care for God's Creation


J-1000  Project Rachel Leaders Workshop
J-1100  Project Rachel Retreat Weekend
J-2000  Global Solidarity Workshop
J-2100  Solidarity Trip to Partner Country-Nicaragua
J-3000  Jail Ministry Workshop
J-4000  Justice and Peace Comprehensive Exam
J-5000  Holucaust and Ethnic Cleansing Elective


CA-100  Canonical Issues/Rights and Responsibilities
CA-110   Tribunal Advocate Course
CA-200   Legal Issues Regarding Sacramental Records
CA-300   Administrative Skills
CA-400   Canon Law for Deacons 


L-100   Introduction to Sacraments
L-110   Sacraments of Reconciliation, Anointing of the Sick and Viaticum
L-115   Sacraments of Marriage, Orders and Religious Life
L-120   Pastoral Care of the Sick and Dying
L-200   Christian Init
L-210   Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults
L-220   RCIA and Children of Catechetical Age
L-300   Eucharist
L-400   Scripture in the Liturgy
L-500   History of the Liturgical Movement
L-600   Social Justice as Called for in the Liturgy
L-700   Liturgical Year
L-800   Liturgical Ministries
L-810   Lector Workshop
L-820   Extraordinary Minister of Holy Communion Workshop
L-830   Master of Ceremony Workshop
L-840   Hospitality Minister Workshop
L-850   Server's Workshop
L-860   Sacristan Workshop
L-870   Liturgical Ministers Vicariate Workshops
L-900   Art and Architecture in the Liturgy
L-1000 Liturgical Music
L-1010 Cantor's Workshop
L-1100 Liturgy and Devotions
L-1200 The Funeral Rites
L-1210 Funeral Workshop for Leadership
L-1220 Funeral Workshop for the Faithful
L-1300 The Marriage Rites
L-1400 Ritual and Symbol
L-1500 The General Instruction to the Roman Missal
L-1510 The Sacramentary, Lecionary and Ordo
L-1520 Why We Do What We Do at Mass Workshop
L-1530 GIRM Leadership Workshop
L-1540 GIRM Conference for Parish Administrators
L-1600 Liturgy of the Word w/o Holy Communion Workshop
L-1700 General Interecssions Writing Workshop
L-1800 Preparing Liturgies with Children
L-1900 Litugical Program Comprehensive Exam
L-2000 RCIA Director's Comprehensive Exam


Y-1000  Christian Leadership Institute (CLI)
Y-2000  Justice and Youth Institute (JPI)