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The Secretariat for Communications provides monthly announcements and educational messages for use in parish bulletins to assist in keeping parishioners informed. Announcements for upcoming weeks appear below. Instructions for placing text into your document are noted below. Further information on upcoming events happening around the diocese may also be found in the Events tab above.

These announcements may be cut and pasted into parish bulletins or other materials. If you need instructions or assistance, please contact us.

For Use March 14-15, Third Sunday of Lent (A)

Stewardship By the Book

When Jesus asked the Samaritan woman for a drink of water, He opened the door for a life- changing relationship with Him. Scripture says her testimony drew many others to Him as well. We, too, must be ready to respond whenever and wherever the Lord speaks to us and be prepared for it to change out lives!

Vocation View

Only our God can give water fullness of life. Our body cannot survive without water; our souls cannot survive without living water. Now is the time to renew our lives in the waters and spirit of Baptism.

Stewardship Reflections

“Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again.” JOHN 4:13
Jesus reminds us that material things, even something as basic as water, can never satisfy us for long. When we build our lives around material possessions we always want more. True Joy and Peace only comes when we follow Jesus; when we become more “God-centered” and less “self-centered”.

Family Perspective-by Bud Ozar

Our children are like the Samaritan woman in today’s gospel. They need more than material things. They need the “living water” only the adults can give. It will teach them how to make decisions, take responsibility, respect themselves and others and live their commitments. With this “living water” they will “never thirst.”

Young Adult Trip planned to Spain

One of the biggest challenges facing the Church today is keeping young adults connected to the Church once they leave home. As a young person makes their way in the world, they are confronted by so much negative messaging regarding being a religious person, especially about being a Catholic. In this period of vulnerability, it is critical to support young adults while they are deciding if they want to continue to practice their Catholic faith.
It is in response to this challenge that the seeds of this pilgrimage were planted. Tapping into the younger generation’s desire for travel and enriching experiences, our team has organized a travel opportunity to Spain that explores the Catholic faith. Travelers will encounter the lives of Carmelite saints, explore the multicultural history of Spain and experience the magnificent architecture that showcases the endurance and continual renewal of the Catholic Church over thousands of years. At the heart of this trip is the individual’s exploration of what Catholicism means to them as young people in today’s world. Our team will provide a fun, open and engaging environment so each person will feel supported on their individual journey. Travel is the perfect environment to break free of preconceptions and challenge personal perspectives. Catholicism is embedded in the inviting and easy-going Spanish culture, making it the perfect destination for this trip.
We are very excited about this travel opportunity for young adults to re-engage with the Church. Please go to to learn more and begin the journey.
*See Flyer

File: Spain Trip Flyer

Rachel's Vineyard Retreat April 24-26

Rachel's Vineyard is a safe place to renew, rebuild and redeem hearts broken by abortion. Weekend retreats offer a supportive, confidential and non-judgmental environment where women and men can express, release and reconcile painful post-abortive emotions to begin the process of restoration, renewal and healing. If you are suffering from an abortion, there is hope and mercy found in the Sacrament of Reconciliation. Go to Jesus - He is your strength! For more information, contact Jane at 231.675.1715, or Kristyn at 231.838.8383,
*See Flyer

File: Rachel's Vineyard Flyer

Saint of the Week-Saint Joseph, Spouse of Blessed Virgin Mary

The spouse of Mary the mother of Jesus and the legal father of Jesus accord-ing to Jewish law, Joseph is a model of humility and obe-dience to God’s will. He fol-lowed God’s instructions, given by angels in dreams, and took the pregnant Mary into his home as his wife, protected her and Jesus at the child’s birth in Bethlehem through the family’s sojourn in Egypt, and provided for them as a carpenter in Nazareth. This feast, which was celebrated locally as early as the ninth century, became a universal feast in the fifteenth century, when it was placed on the liturgical calendar. Pope Pius IX named St. Joseph Patron of the Universal Church in 1870; he is also the patron saint of carpenters, the dying, and workers.
~USCCB, This Week in Ministry, Third Week of Lent

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