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The Secretariat for Communications provides monthly announcements and educational messages for use in parish bulletins to assist in keeping parishioners informed. Announcements for upcoming weeks appear below. Instructions for placing text into your document are noted below. Further information on upcoming events happening around the diocese may also be found in the Events tab above.

These announcements may be cut and pasted into parish bulletins or other materials. If you need instructions or assistance, please contact us.

For Use November 9-10, Thirty-second Sunday in Ordinary Time(C)

Stewardship By the Book

In today's second reading, St. Paul prays that the Thessalonians may be strengthened "in every good deed and word." May we, too, be strengthened and empowered to use our time and talents for the good of others.

Vocation View

As the Church-year comes to a close, may the Lord Jesus strengthen your heart for every good work and word. May you live your vocation.

Stewardship Reflections

“May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting encouragement and good hope through his grace, encourage your hearts and strengthen them in every good deed and word.” 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

There are two important lessons here. First, we are called to be generous with our encouragement and hope. As God shows us mercy, we must be merciful to others. Second, joy is contagious! The joy we receive from doing good works not only strengthens us, it encourages others as well. Share the joy of living your faith whenever you can.

Family Perspective-by Bud Ozar

The question of the Sadducees to Jesus is framed in a story about a family with seven brothers and their sister-in-law. Through story telling families remember their shared past and expose the companionship of God in your family from generation to generation.

Worldwide Marriage Encounter Weekend

Instead of flowers and candy, give the gift of yourselves to each other on a Worldwide Marriage Encounter weekend. The next weekend is Nov. 15-17 at Weber Center in Adrian. Apply online at or contact Chris & Darla Vinton at 734-531-9191.

The Center for Catholic Studies Offerings

The Center for Catholic Studies offers instruction and catechetical faith formation for the people of the Diocese of Gaylord, as well as others seeking knowledge about the Catholic faith. Students may choose to either take the courses for audit or for credit in one of the programs that offer certification in areas such as Director of Religious Education, Liturgical Coordinator, Youth Group Director, etc. The Programs for credit are: Worship and Liturgical Formation, Catechist, Permanent Deaconate, and Christian Discipleship.

Current Offerings include:
Wisdom and Prophetic Literature (SC-220)-12/7
Registration is required. Please call 989.732.5147 and ask for Tammy Boylan or email with questions.

Seven Considerations While Navigating Infertility

Read the full version at

We often assume parenthood happens easily after “I do,” but for many married couples, it does not. For some, the joy of conception never happens. Others suffer repeated miscarriages. Still others experience secondary infertility: after giving birth to one or more children, they are unable to have another. If you experience difficulty bringing a child into your family, know that God is with you, and that He has a beautiful plan for your life as a married couple. You are not alone; His Church desires to walk with you. The full article at the website listed above contains compassionate, practical guidance, intended primarily for married couples struggling with infertility, though others may also find it to be informative.

This is a summary of a USCCB Respect Life Program article by the same name and is reprinted with permission. © 2019, USCCB, Washington, D.C. All rights reserved.

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