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The following books are available for loan from the Rose Resource Center.

Title: Grief Comes To A Class
Description: This book is to assist school personnel, primarily the teacher, in being a positive care giver for bereaved students and as an aid to students who re-enter the school environment following a death experience.
Author: Majel Gliko-Braden
Publisher: Centering Corporation Resource, 1992
Title: Are You Weeping With Me God?
Description: A book on the personal grief and story of a woman who lost her teenage daughter in a car accident.
Author: Martha Bittle Clark
Publisher: Broadman Press, 1987
Title: Silent Grief: Living in the Wake of Suicide
Description: A survivor and a psychologist offer support and advice for getting past the grief - and moving on.
Author: Christopher Lukas & Henry M. Seiden
Publisher: Bantam Books, 1990
Title: Hope for Bereaved
Description: A source book of inspiration and information for grieving persons as well as helping professionals.
Author: Therse Schoeneck
Publisher: Hope for Bereaved Society, 1990
Title: Helping Children Grieve: When Someone They Love Dies
Description: The author shows how children at various ages understand death and offers positive ways for parents and other caring adults to help them grieve.
Author: Theresa Huntly
Publisher: Augsburg Press, 1991
Title: May I Walk You Home
Description: This book captures the spirit of the personal companionship for those who accompany the dying on their final journey. The stories relate many experiences of connection, and glimpses of heaven that occur along the way. An example of how to be there, how to listen, when to speak followed by prayers, meditation exercises and affirmation for the day.
Author: Joyce Hutchinson; Prayers by Joyce Rupp
Publisher: Ave Maria Press, 1999
Title: Living With Grief After Sudden Loss
Description: This book was produced as a companion to the Hospice Foundation of America's third annual teleconference. The stories concern people who have lost loved ones through suicide, homicide, accident, heart attack and stroke.
Author: Edited by Kenneth J. Doka, Ph.D,; Forward by Jack Gordon
Publisher: Hospice Foundation of America, 1996
Title: When a Child Dies
Description: A story of the pain and work through grief that a mother goes through after losing her daughter to an illness.
Author: Carol Pregent
Publisher: Ave Maria Press, 1992