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The Diocese of Gaylord is excited to be a partner with the Otsego County Commission on Aging in a brand new pilot project called BeBloomin™. 

BeBloomin™ ( is specifically designed to enrich the lives of the aging, the homebound, and caregivers by offering an integrated system of easy-to-access, easy-to-use tools to connect to family, friends, and  your community.  While designed with seniors in mind, EVERYONE is welcome to join.  Your "community" could include your church, healthcare providers,volunteer opportunities, or any number of organizations which keep you happy, healthy, and strong.  Use it to connect to family and friends with a video chat or send email messages in a completely secure environment (no junk mail, advertising, etc.)  The only people who can contact you are those whom you have approved in advance.  Users can play games, read books, view live webcams from several places, view church services, take special live virtual walking tours and more!

Minimally to use BeBloomin you need access to the internet, using a desktop or laptop computer. BeBloomin works best right now in the Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.  Though part of future plans, BeBloomin is not accessible on mobile devices such as phones and iPads or other tablets. To send video, you must have video camera and microphone, which most laptops have automatically installed. 

As we move forward, the Diocese is planning to offer workshops, trainings, “ask the expert” sessions, live video of special events and more through BeBloomin™. Access is FREE for Basic Service which allows access to watch events and one to one video or audio conference calls. 

Because the Diocese of Gaylord is a partner, for a limited users who sign up for BeBloomin™ will have access to the Premium Service free as well.  (When that offer is closed, the Premium Service will be $20 per month per user). The Premium Service allows users to have up to six people on a video call and includes all future upgrades. (Use it to video chat with several family members or friends at one time, or to conduct small meetings or discussion groups, trainings, etc., with an easy click of a button.  

How do I begin?  Register.  It’s easy!  Log on to  Go to “Registration” and fill out the fields. In the spot for Authorization Code type OCCOA.  (all capital letters).  Each person should have their own account.  (Husbands, wives, family members should have separate accounts, etc.)

Once registered, you can click around the site to see what's available.   To view diocesan events, click on "Community", then "Faith", then "Diocese of Gaylord."

Once you have registered you can also connect with existing users. The connections are made by choosing Call, New Contact, type in the username of the person you want to connect with (at this time you must ask them for their user name in advance ) and then choose a category for them (Family, Friends, Careteam, Work)  (Careteam would include Doctors, Nurses and others who would be eventually participating in this service)

Click Next to send the request.  That person will get an email in BeBloomin, and they will have to respond by clicking within the email on the word “here”.  

Remember to complete the connection! Users who have created an account will need to periodically check their Mail (messages) in BeBloomin™ (not in your personal email) so that they can complete the relationship process. 

If you have any additional questions, click on the "Assistance" button on; Dona Wishart at the Otsego County Commission on Aging at 989.,748.4060, or Communications Office at the Diocese of Gaylord 989.732.5147.