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Areas of Certification

The Center for Catholic Studies strives to equip individuals serving in our parishes and schools with the education and tools they need to be effective leaders.  The Center offers several tracks of study leading to diocesan certification in a particular field.  Upon successful completion of a program, students will be presented with a certificate.  It is important to note that completion of a program does not necessarily lead to securing employment with any parish or school.  All courses are open to anyone and enrollment in a certification program is optional.  If the position you are currently employed in is one requiring certification through the Center for Catholic Studies, you are required to work toward full certification.

Each of the programs and the required courses are described in the following pages.  For more information regarding specific courses, please see the "Course Descriptions" section of the Certification Catalog or contact the Center for Catholic Studies office.  Individuals seeking certification will be required to take Virtus in compliance with the requirements of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.

Center for Catholic Studies Tracks

Center for Catholic Studies Certification Programs
Complete with Class Listings.

Updated Program information is coming soon!  This information is already available in the Certification Catalog.

University of Dayton Online Offerings

The Diocese of Gaylord is a partner with the Virtual Learning Community of the University of Dayton Online.  Any class offered from the U of D can be added to a student transcript for a Center for Catholic Studies track. Click here for a complete listing of University of Dayton Virtual Learning Community.